Progression: Moving Forward

The road, long and straight, goes to...
June 2011
While time in the past decades seemed to stretch out like a lazy July day, now it races by at the speed of the internet.

Currently, I have completed and edited the first three chapters of In Preacher's Creek.  The next three chapters are re-writes of many other re-writes, but I am looking upon them favorably.  That really means that I am not looking at them and thinking, "What the heck you were doing here?" or "Ellen Jo wouldn't do that..."
One more creek to cross.

Amazingly enough, the last three chapters of the 70,000 word book (give or take a word or two) are completed, and I smile with all the contentment of a mother upon them.  My characters are at the proper stage of development, doing what they should be doing.

So, I will leave you with a few photos, some that you probably have already seen from my other blog site, which you can access by clicking here!
The author with her family

August 7, 2011
The rewrites of rewrites have brought the book to completion.  NOW all I have to do is edit, slash and burn, and edit.

But there is joy is all of that creativity:  exploring other options to bring more of the characters into view; finding ways to expand a character who will be important later; and, removing all those nasty passive verbs.

Mom and Dad
So, I leave you with these photos of a time remembered fondly.

World War II was over, and my father came home.  He met
Mom and within 6 weeks they were engaged, and a month later
they were married.
Nine months later my brother was born.

Mom and Dad with Donald