Thursday, January 19, 2017

Martin Van Buren Shive SE Kane January 16, 201

When Martin Van Buren Shive entered church sanctuary, the very air changed.  Worshippers pulled their shoulders back, sat taller, and focused on Christian principles.  Martin changed the very atmosphere by his upright moral beliefs and actions.

In Shive Family History, not much seems to be known.  Born 1839, served in the Union Army.  Went in with ideals and lofty thoughts of mankind’s ability to seek higher moral ground.  Came home an officer, with a ragged scar down his face, and disillusioned about his fellow men. Died in the early 1900s.

I have been trying to write about the Shive family, of which Marie (Shive) Cardiff was eldest of six children.  But there was precious little about Martin Van Buren Shive.  One photo, a sentence or two, and not much else was the hard copy source wanted and needed.

Why is this important?  He was John South Shive’s father, Marie’s father.  Not just genes direct who people are, but changes the very core of one’s family.  Father John South Shive was an important aspect of Marie’s story.  His father was part of his forming life, which affected Marie for the rest of her life.

Pouring through boxes of photos, letters, postcards, and such revealed a newspaper article published some thirty years ago.  My Aunt Vada had listened to Grandmother’s stories, finally requesting to write them (in short hand) for an article in The Weekly Messenger.

This is what I had been dying to find.

Sooo, when it is all written out, I will post it here.  Should be an interesting read.


Elephant's Child said...

Looking forward to it. Human history fascinates me. Particularly the lives of the 'ordinary' (and they are often far from that) person.

cleemckenzie said...

What an exciting project! Isn't short hand interesting? Both my mom and mom-in-law wrote it and read it. They left a lot of notes, but I can't read any of the them.

Spacer Guy said...

Letters and cards are like witnesses in time crying out to be heard. I bought a batch of post cards years ago, most were blank. However six have hand written stories.The dates are 1940, 1937, 1935,1922, 1912 respectively and the oldest 1911 which reads:

We are still enjoying our holidays very much. The weather now is not so hot, it is much more agreeable. There are so many nice people in the world. Every night after dinner we go out along the quaint o;d streets and meet others we know and chat and listen to the music. The moon has been shining all the time for the past few days which makes it look so lovely.... alas the rest is faded.

It was such a different place in 1911. The card itself is unsigned and came from France - Hostel des Ardeuues. I'm really looking forward to reading more about the Shive family and how Marie found her way.